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Faith Liye, aim at absolute perfection
Release date:【2013.1.2】

Faith Liye, aim at absolute perfection

-- on the " national advanced individual of Returned Overseas Chinese and their relatives, " Hing Wah Group Chairman Shi Nengxiang

Don't know ten years ago Shishi City of Shishi City Hill, water, city the city that a mighty lion and after ten years, while the stone lion city that far away from the homeland in Guangzhou City youth, today is a benevolent, wise, successful businessman, philanthropist and social activist, his figure in the busy city and the south of Fujian Province around the community activities shuttling back and forth. In order to cause, in order to make ideal, more for the sake of life value in interpretation.

" My hometown lions in Philippines, grandfather of returned overseas chinese, ... ... " Just won the "national returned overseas Chinese and their relatives in advanced individual" Shi can ring tells his story, deep eyes seemed to back something, but with a strong local accent words but sonorous and forceful.

One, the plum blossom-the bitter cold

Mr. Shi Nengxiang was born in August 1957 in Shishi Yongning Town Village a poor ordinary family. My grandfather was a Philippines Chinese Anti-Japanese War, returned home, a little savings ran out soon, in the home is nothing to. A brother and sister to Grandma down to a total of 8 individuals, have to rely on parents toil, bear bitter hardships to maintain. But parents still adhere to send application to school on his growth rings, expressed very big hope. As a result of the cultural revolution period the hardships of life, in order to get the chance to go to school for children and one for a living parents burden, Shi can ring in high school will have to give up his studies, he returned to his hometown to work to earn workpoint. Learning life is so short, but parents teach by precept and example, and was subjected to the trials of life, creating a strong, hard-working, apply can sound simple, progressive character. Today, Shi can ring of loving discipline still be visible before the eyes, remember.

At the age of 18, Shi can ring conscripts, honor to become a member of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, took the family hopes to Guangdong Province military armed forces. Since then, applied to loud parting parents, go native home hill, went to Guangdong this strange land that is full of a hope. But the hometown of mountain water, every tree and Bush and fellow, always missing in application to loud heart.

" Iron-hard barracks soldiers", implementation can ring ended five years of military service, returned to my hometown. Camp this melting pot casting application rang and unyielding character and strong all the time, gives him the courage to fight the spirit and enhance one's ability and cleverness, he dedicated and caring spirit realm. Because of this, British Village revitalize British Village hopes in the application of ring with this young body, all the villagers to elect Shi Nengxiang as director of the village, Shi can ring become British village since the founding of the first village elected by village director.

In two, the sand blown away gold

Time flies, today's application can ring is Wah Group chairman. In from Hing Wah investment group of Guangzhou Xinghua glass industry limited company was born in 1997 of China's first piece of bulletproof glass, become milepost China history of glass.

Application of ring in Guangzhou to build their own glass kingdom is not accidental. In 1985, Shi can ring in the village after the expiration of the term of candidates to the Fujian glass factory Gong, is now China's private enterprises a star glass factory, was merely a production of special-shaped glass small business. It was there, Shi can ring of glass manufacturing process information, understanding of the glass industry law, familiar with glass sales business, and see the glass production profits and future development. Then an independent undertaking idea in the application of sound mind.

Made up his mind, Shi can ring in 1986 and a Hongkong company in Xiamen has set up a " Xiamen Automotive Glass Company Limited " and served as the chairman and general manager. In the application of sound scientific management, with a good development trend, emerging in the spring of life.

It is at this time was to ring up the luck, on 1993 again set foot on this piece of Guangzhou gold rush began in a foreign land, creating their own glass Kingdom hard road. When Guangzhou city Liwan District forward glass factory is seeking partners, Shi can ring after over in one's mind, boldly and Guangzhou Liwan District people's government signed a contract, infuse capital about 4000000, renamed it Xinghua Auto glass company limited. Through change management mechanism, will Xinghua developed into today's Guangzhou city only a set research, development, production, sales of automotive safety glass in one of the high-tech enterprise.

The application of sound proud is, China's own R & D of the first block of bulletproof glass from his company, to become China's history of glass a milepost. In 1997, Shi can ring for $about 2000000 and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, after nearly a year of efforts, along with Wah bullet-proof glass technical appraisal meeting of gun and cheers, China's first own research and development of bullet-proof glass at Wah was born. Since then, Xinghua glass name in China earth rang, Shi can ring therefore won the Hongkong Academy of Sciences awarded " honorary title of".

The successful application and did not stop ringing. Today, Hing Wah Industrial Zone in Guangdong Province, the longest a toughened glass production line has been put into production, from Japan to introduce the electric-controlled color-changing glass has been put into trial production phase, and by the application of energy response to invest 10000000 of Guangzhou City Xinghua Industrial Limited by Share Ltd which is being developed. Hing Wah in the energy response and scientific management were large writing a new chapter in its glorious and resplendent.

Three, contented Changle Corporation

Once dash about in a battlefield, once as a village, once freely bazaar ... This many " once " Shi can ring consisting of a three-dimensional life. While in Guangzhou, Shi can ring to be a high-profile public figure, not only because of these " once ". Ten years in Guangzhou, he has won many titles and heavy halo: Guangzhou City, Liwan District Guangzhou city Liwan District Wenchang people's Congress, honorary chairman, Guangzhou Charity Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese city of Liwan District, Guangdong Province, vice chairman of Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Committee of Guangdong Province, Fujian Economy Promotion Association vice president, Guangdong Province Federation of Taiwanese Chamber of commerce ... ... More importantly, he is in business of Taiwanese nationals spike to win a high prestige and widely respected.

In the city of Guangzhou Liwan District, Shi can ring fame is like his name so loud. As Liwan District's two consecutive term of delegate of National People's Congress, Shi to ring actively in politics, make full use of various channels such as investigation, sympathy, informal discussion, seminar, hear in many ways, the collection opinion and the suggestion, proposal proposal form. As private enterprises are the outstanding representatives, he was invited to participate in the region's economic work conference, for the development of Liwan District economy and suggestions. In recent years, he put forward such as " give aid to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation of economic system of Liwan District ", " comprehensive community public order problem ", " carry forward the traditional culture of Liwan District " and so on, fulfilling a delegate of National People's Congress social responsibility.

As the Liwan District Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Vice President, Shi can ring use body for the returned overseas Chinese, overseas numerous advantages, actively introduce funds, for the development of region economy contribution to a force. In 1997 through the form of share, the introduction of Delong Hongkong Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd., and has formed a delegation to attend the city, area in Hong Kong, Macao and other places of investment will be held. He also often use from Philippines visiting relatives and friends of the opportunity, strengthen with Philippines overseas Chinese friendship exchanges, promote China's achievements of reform and opening up, encourage and guide them home to invest in enterprises. In July of this year, the city in recognition of the general assembly, Shi can ring obtained "countrywide returned overseas Chinese and their relatives in advanced individual " the title of honor. " In Guangdong Fujian folks in only two individuals were commended, another is academician Zhong Nanshan, bell won the ' outstanding Chinese academicians ' honorary title ... ... " Application of ring, proudly told the author.

In Guangzhou City business from all walks of life in the industry and commerce, Shi can ring is a famous figure. Not only because the energy response is Guangdong Southern economic association vice-chairman, and Guangdong Province Federation of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of the first president of the. At that time, a number of former Shishi in the clothing industry business people came to Guangzhou, the prosperous development of the cause of their. In order to be able to exchange information, enhance exchanges, contact the countryside, many of the industry elite to set up in Guangzhou chamber of Commerce, they elected Shi can ring for chamber of Commerce Committee responsible person. In order to let in Guangdong pioneering work by the Taiwanese businessmen have to shelter their own "home", implementation can ring began as chamber of Commerce established preparatory running days. He spares no travel fatigue, often tours to Hongkong, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places, visit, friendship, celebration, trade negotiations and other activities. Enhance the chamber of Commerce and each brother Association, the Fujian government departments at all levels as well as Hong Kong and Macao business people from all walks of life contact, promote economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, foreign set up in Guangdong Province good image and positive spirit. In July 18, 2004, the chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou held its founding Congress, was elected the first president of the application of sound, as can ring the life history write down a perfect one.

Four, with the Town Hing Public

In the application of sound mind, credibility, ethics, loyalty and other Chinese traditional idea has accounted for the very great proportion. It is because of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, the energy response to ten years business career, for better or worse, will conceal a Confucianism elegant wind, the International Confucian Association Pan Yatun old professor called him the Confucian model.

Shi Nengxiang always spare no effort for public welfare undertakings. In 2000 June application rang donated 1000000 the construction of the Guangzhou city Liwan District can ring homes for the elderly to completion, for those lonely helpless old people to provide a place to live. This year also donated for the widows and orphans of Returned Overseas Chinese and their relatives, replacing the old installation help bell wire, and sympathy poor relatives. As the city of Guangzhou, Wenchang Charity Federation President Emeritus, Shi can ring every year for public welfare donation of property, to benefit many helpless people.

As a demobilized soldier, Shi can ring to complex is also a sentimental, he traveled to Zhuhai Island, Shantou to garrison, donated computer, books, set up to help poor dyad is spare no effort.

The feeling of wandering leisurely, sincere heart. Living in a strange land, Shi can ring for home in the heart of every tree and Bush always miss. In his hometown of Shishi Yongning Town Village actively initiated the establishment of the Old Village Association, contributing to the construction of culture and entertainment center, purchase books, health exercise apparatus, let the village elders in a beautiful environment, complete facilities environment to celebrate life. At the same time, Shi can ring with several old students to build Shishi Yongning middle school alumni building, as Yongning Middle School Alumni Association honorary president of his alma mater, vigorously develop education, reflecting the application rang homestead love.

However, Shi can ring never to pride pride, but humble and polite, he said: " I was born here, young life here, also love the mountains here, every tree and bush, I should take care of my native land home hill. When I at home have suffered hardships of life taste, clear, and now I have a capability to the hometown, I must do some do everything in one's power of commonweal career to return, my parents want me to do, my conscience asked me to do so, thanks to my folks output opportunities, I hope all ability to hometown folks overseas to offer a copy of affection and love ... ... " Strong hometown complex, deep pastoral mood, in his speech and deportment, inspiring, provide much material for thought.

Looked at him kindly, his deep, wise eyes, I read of his hometown of deep concern and love. My mind think of Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to the United States and India Kalidasa verse " regardless of the dusk the shadow of the tree is long, it is always linked together and roots ... ... "

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